“Be My Valentine”

Let’s face it, cupid may need a little help this time of the year!  Why not give him a break and schedule an event to suit you…

  • Sadie Hawkins Paint Party—-Girls, you invite the guy you’ve been eyeing from afar and paint one canvas together.  Invite anyone you can think of to make this a party even cupid would be jealous of.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries Party–couples only at your home can make it a classy, romantic night with close friends.
  • ANTI-valentines day? Well, have an all gender party and forget the others!  Celebrate with the FRIENDS you love.
  • Be creative—I can help you brainstorm to make it an event to remember.

Call today to book your party today!

Thanks for painting with us,

Connie Pruitt

el arte Uncorked, owner/artist